Travel travel travel

Hello travellers

So I needed to start a blog and had no clue where to even begin, so thought about it and decided why not travel

The aim of my blog is to inspire and innovate those to travel or those who want to see what is out there but cant.

Everyone from all around the world loves to travel, whether its local or international.

Social media is number 1 in the world. I want to share my experiences with each and every one through it.

From culture to places to people to anything and everything to do with travel

Since 2015 has come upon us I haven’t travelled, as yet 😦 but watch this space!!!

In the past I have and absolutely loved it! Since I have been married, from 2010 travelling with my love is the most amazing thing ever and seeing the world with the person closest to you is a dream come true. We’ve been to London, Manchester, Mauritius, Victoria Falls, Swaziland and around South Africa.

In the future post to come I will be sharing my past experiences and photos.

So till then . . .

Wherever you are is where you’re meant to be, so find a way to smile and never let it get away. Dance, sing, floss and TRAVEL. Live every single page of your story.  Anh

Welcome to my BLOG, Love Steph