When I think of eat pray love . . . . .

I think Bali straight away. I know the journey in the book and movie moves through different countries, but each to their own.



How I love to eat, and yes food is an essential part of human life, to survive . . . . .

In the book then movie, the tale is about and dedicated to the pursuit of pleasure.  This focus is on the pure, unadulterated bliss of truly allowing yourself to indulge in a fantastic meal. Something delicious to feed the soul and feeling great afterwards. Delectable food, comforting food.



Praying makes me think of God, Church, Sundays, the Cross. How fulfilled we feel afterwards. Bali comes to mind with all the spiritual meaning. They call Bali many things. The Island of the Gods. Paradise. Surf- haven. Fashion mecca. There are rumors that spirits reside there to help us in our spiritual journey. That the volcanoes bring to the surface our shadows, waiting to be unleashed, released or simply shed.

I feel tranquility , peace , calmness. I’m sure going to Bali will be the best thing ever and coming back relaxed and ready to take over the world.

I’m sure Bali isn’t just for praying, one can do many things. Party, explore, water sports, cooking classes and the list goes on.



When love comes to mind, it definitely doesn’t mean, finding your soul mate or finding the perfect partner. Love is so many things, parents, children, yourself! Before giving out love you should love yourself and once you can do that, the love for others will just overflow with ease.

Happiness comes with Love, one needs to be happy within ones selves and then the true meaning of love can actually be expressed, through words and actions.

When I got married, I thought wow, best thing in life. I loved where I was and what I was doing. Just loving life and I thought life could not get any better. Then I had a child and my love for him was infinite. I thought to myself, I can’t believe how much love I have for this child. We have so much love in our selves, we just need to express it and happiness is the perfect way to start.


Hope you enjoyed the post, till next time xxx