For the Love of Mauritius

2013 had arrived and already I was thinking about what to do for my birthday in June. Months came and went, I finally set my mind on Mauritius.

As a travel Agent I looked for what was on special and fitted my budget. We decided on the Crystal Beach Resort in Palmar. I was a bit skeptical about going to the east of Mauritius as I have heard that it is quiet windy compared to the North and West. Since we have never been to Mauritius, we didn’t know much and you only learn from experience. So East it was. June was arriving and we were excited for our beach holiday.

On the 8th of June we were flying over the Indian ocean. I was happy and fulfilled with such joy. The thrill in anticipating what to expect, what were we going to see and what the locals would be like kept us abuzz . . . My son who was just over a year old was so excited to be on a plane. When we finally arrived, he was so tired from the excitement he fell asleep.

Our car was awaiting us on arrival and off we went to our hotel.


Upon arrival at the Crystal Beach hotel, we were taken to the bar area while our room was getting ready for us as our flight arrived early and check-in was only at 2pm I think. We walked around and looked at the hotel and what it had to offer. We were amazed at how beautiful it was. The hotel was new, everything was in place and whatever drink or cocktail we ordered they had.




We were taken to our room which was overlooking the beach. I did google the hotel before we had chosen it. It was stunning and exactly like the pictures on the net. Luke was awake and loving it.

I couldn’t wait to be settled and finally hit the beach. But because of the weather we were indoors and didn’t do much on our first day. It was really windy and it wouldn’t have been a good idea to go out with our young child.









The weather improved and we were having a blast chilling at the pool and beach , drinking cocktails and exploring the town of Port Louis. The hotel also had a kids area but because it was fairly new they didn’t have much for the kids. We could have left Luke with the nannies but we chose not to. The one thing that my dear child Luke enjoyed the most was the aquarium. One of his favorite things in the world till now is animals. Belle mare is the closest town to where we were staying. We took a cab there, bought some souvenirs and walked to the beach and just explored.





The highlight of our trip was definitely the catamaran cruise to Île aux Cerfs Island, known in English as the Deer Island. It is an island near the east coast of Mauritius in the Flacq district. This paradise island off Mauritius consists of around 100 hectares of land. Deer has long become extinct on the island, but you will still find some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. As such it is one of the must see places to visit in Mauritius. Ile Aux Cerfs is famous for its sandy beaches, beautiful lagoon and big selection of activities and facilities. In Ile Aux Cerfs you are sure to have a day of relaxation and fun on one of the postcard-picture beaches, and to enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the lagoon. Every day, tourists visit Ile Aux Cerfs and spend the whole day on the island and benefit from the wide range of facilities and activities offered. During recent years Ile Aux Cerfs Island has become one of the most popular tourist destination in Mauritius.

The catamaran cruise departed at 09:30 from the hotel’s Jetty located at Pointe Jerome on the south-east of Mauritius. Expected arrival time back to the hotel is 16:30.

This cruise is all about sailing through crystal clear waters whilst enjoying breath-taking scenery and relaxing on the beautiful white sand bank of ile aux cerfs. Along the way at around 11:00, the catamaran makes a stop for you to enjoy snorkeling inside the islands largest lagoon allowing you to enjoy the underwater marine life and swimming in pristine corals and brightly colored tropical fish. After snorkeling the catamaran continues sailing along the beautiful east coast heading to Ile aux cerfs island. A delicious lunch is served on board. The BBQ lunch which is prepared by the chefs is one of the best lunches offered on a catamaran cruise offered in Mauritius.After lunch the catamaran will cruise into the canal between the Isle aux Cerfs and the world-class sanctuary of Anahita before dropping you off on the famous white sand bank of Ile aux cerfs.




When the 15th June had arrived we were so sad to leave. Definitely a once in a life time experience. I would definitely go back in a heartbeat. The most memorable times about travelling is doing it with family and having to do that with my boys are the best thing in the world. No matter how nice or horrible a travel experience is, doing it with people you love and care about is what it’s actually all about. I hope that everyone who loves traveling will check out Mauritius and just enjoy the simplicity of the beach and relaxation.



Where to see the sun rise in Mauritius

Despite it happening every day without fail, there’s still something wildly romantic and magical about watching the sun rise – and witnessing it in a tropical island paradise like Mauritius is nothing less than heavenly. So we say shrug off the bleary eyes and ‘why am I doing this’ questions at least once during your trip, and create a memory you’ll never forget. Here’s our pick of the best spots to catch the day’s first rays.

Grand Gaube

Grand Gaube

Up on the north east coast, the traditional little fishing village of Grande Gaube rewards early risers with a stunning sunrise every morning, but what sets this place apart is the opportunity to watch the local fishermen return to shore after their overnight trips and unload the catch from their colourful wooden pirogues.

Belle Mare Plage

Belle Mare

The village might be tiny, but the beach puts Belle Mare firmly on the map – in fact, it’s considered by many to be the best on the island. All the more reason to set the alarm early, grab a coffee and some fruit, and head down to the shore for a tranquil sunrise picnic. These talcum-white sands are at their most beautiful when bathed in the rosy pink glow of first light.

Sunrise cruise to Ile aux Cerf

Untitled-3 copy

Not only are those staying at Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita able to view the sunrise from the comfort of their private plunge pools, they can also take part in a sunrise speedboat cruise to the nearby island of Ile aux Cerf, renowned for its softly shelving sands and irridescent waters teeming with marine life.

Blue Bay

Blue Bay

Down in the south east of Mauritius, Beachcomber’s Shandrani Resort & Spa occupies an enviable position on a private peninsula overlooking the Blue Bay Marine Park. With three exquisite and separate beaches, you’ll never tire of watching the sunrise here, especially when followed by a sumptous breakfast at Le Grand Port restaurant.

Pointe D’Esny

Untitled-5 copy

Just south of the old capital Mahebourg, Pointe D’Esny is another beach often touted as one of the best on the island. Lined not with large resorts but with smaller guesthouses, luxury apartments and villas, it’s not unusual to find the beach completely deserted, especially at dawn. So make the most of the solitude and plan for a spectacular sunrise without the crowds.